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Female Hair-Regrowth Treatment Programs

female hair regrowth
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What's included & what's involved?

Our CEO Lorraine Lambert – her own very real story about losing a large percentage of her hair in just a few days and the reality of facing that, dealing with it and staying on course with the hair regrowth program she created for herself to regrow hair.

Having been in the field of hair transplantation for over twenty five years, and having focused solely on surgical hair replacement for this time, our CEO and Founder, Lorraine Lambert decided some six years ago to introduce real, proven, effective therapies for female hair loss, due to the fact that she herself faced a two year period of severe hair loss due to medication side-effects.

It was so very important to Lorraine and the medical team to create a program which shows real results, obvious results and not just promote low level products that unfairly promise the world and deliver nothing to ladies suffering with hair loss.

Having been in this position herself and having had to face on a day to day basis, the trauma of losing so much hair, Lorraine was adamant that we would only get involved in promoting female hair regrowth packages, if indeed we could help in real terms, fairly and clearly.

Should you like to Whatsapp Lorraine directly to ask about her experience with hair loss and the hair re-growth long journey she faced, please do get in touch.

Lorraine Lambert Whatsapp: +353 879221219

We do not over-promise:

Due to the hair follicle growth cycle, patience is needed, as treatment today will not show beneficial effects straight away, but from week 8 or 12 onwards.

Complete or extreme baldness cannot be fixed with this package, this package is for females with thin, weak, fuzzy, un-nourished and fine hair that has not yet died off but is in poor condition. Our treatment program is designed to improve your hair density, the diameter / thickness of the hair shaft and overall quality of the hair significantly but if you’ve already lost all of your hair or a large percentage, then this is not for you.

Honesty, empathy and clarity is what we provide our female clients suffering with thinning, fine hair.

Ailesbury High Strengh Trichologically made Minoxidil


Together with a hand-held laser comb, help generate both collagen production and stimulate blood circulation around the follicle, both of which help the hair tremendously.

This is an excellent long term approach to keeping your hair strong and healthy.

Ailesbury, Trichological Vitamin Therapy

amino acids for hair loss treatment

Our Female Hair Loss vitamins have been used for years and from month 3 onwards, you will see thicker, healthier hair.

We have so many wonderful comments and reviews from ladies who’ve started the Trichological vitamins and have been extremely surprised and happy with the difference they’ve made to their hair quality.

The Female Hair Regrowth Amino Acid vitamins are also an excellent addition to your hair care, to increase protein absorption and collagen creation and Growth Hormone production, which is absolutely essential for the care and growth of hair follicles.

Ailesbury Growth Stimulation Cream

hair growth stimulation

This should be applied to the thinning zones once a day and can either be left in or washed out after 15 minutes.

The stimulation cream has been designed by our AssociateTrichologist Pharmacist and the ingredients are formulated to stimulate the follicle.  If you would like a list of ingredients, please do let us know.

This is a really helpful product that our female clients come back for over and over again, due to the obvious results.  It has a cooling effect on the skin and hair follicle, which in turns helps with follicle stimulation and growth.

Ailesbury Hair Loss Oil Serum

hair loss oil serum

This wonderful natural product contains menthol, many essential oils and nutrients.

This product leaves your follicles stimulated and tingling from the essential oils, we truly believe this is one of the best products in our arsenal for female hair regrowth.

If you’d like a full list of ingredients, please let us know.  The effects are felt almost immediately, in terms of scalp tingling and follicle stimulation.

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Should you like to Whatsapp Lorraine directly to ask about her experience with hair loss and the hair re-growth long journey she faced, please do get in touch.

Lorraine Lambert Whatsapp:  +353 879221219