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About us

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinics are an Irish global success story with surgical facilities and clinics in Dublin, Cork, Dubai and London, as well as two non surgical hair restoration sister clinics in Dublin and Cork.

With over 25,000 happy clients, Ailesbury Hair Clinic’s reputation is second to none.  Having been awarded as Ireland’s No.1 Best Hair Transplant clinic for over five years, we feel confident in saying we are the best hair surgery facility in Ireland.

Why Us?

Our surgeons are members of the Irish Medical Council, General Medical Council and the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons, which is a non-profit organisation for hair restoration doctors throughout the world.  Our medical team is made up of plastic surgeons, dermatologists, American Board Certified hair surgeons and trichologists.

We were called on by the UK Parliamentary Review to provide an in-depth report on the training of hair restoration surgeons, hair restoration techniques and medical standards within hair loss clinics.

The Ailesbury Hair Transplant Clinic Consultation Room

We were honoured to have been the only Irish clinic asked to participate and contribute to this worthwhile Review (copies are available online and in hard copy) which opens with a foreword by The Rt Hon David Cameron.

Ailesbury Hair Clinics have developed a tremendously successful and internationally sought after line of trichological medical hair care and hair regrowth products for male and female hair loss. 

We really are the best in Ireland to help you!