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Hair Treatment

Are you Considering Hair Restoration?

If you are considering hair loss treatment, consulting with us can be your first step towards dealing with this issue and ultimately to finding a long term solution to healthier and thicker hair.  Our sole goal is to help you find the correct treatment solution and for you to feel happier and more confident long term with your appearance.

One-to-One Consultations

At Ailesbury we offer one to one consultations as we believe this is vital stage when considering a hair replacement procedure. It is imperative that our specialists examine closely the donor site, which is the primary deciding factor as to whether you are a candidate for a procedure.

During your Consultation

The thinning area is carefully measured and examined clearly for an exact figure on the number of hairs required to achieve the density you’re aiming for. In one procedure we are able to place up to 80 hairs per CM2 which is usually more than adequate to achieve the desired results, which means that most clients complete their procedure in one visit. For a higher level of density it’s always possible to come back for a 2nd procedure.

It may be stating the obvious but should you come to us at 25 years old for a procedure, we can address your current thinning zone. You will progress further over the years and would then need to consider another procedure as your male pattern baldness will still progress for some years to come. For this reason, a careful and exact examination of the donor site is vital.

Some Interesting Facts about Hair Loss

The average donor site has between 110-140 hairs per CM2. A donor site with less than 90 hairs per CM2 would be thought of as un-acceptable for an AHI procedure. Luckily, over 70% of clients we consult are candidates for the procedure. During the initial consultation we will count the exact number of hairs available in the donor site with the following method which is: The number of hairs per CM2 (in the donor area) which is visible by using a digi-scope or hair scanner by the CM2 area of the donor site. This figure should then be divided by 30% to 35% in order to know exactly the number of hairs we are able to extract and place in your thinning zone now and through the course of your life time.

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