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Types of Hair

Did you know that human hair is of three distinct types. We have expert advice and findings about hair types and have expertly used our AHI hair loss treatments to solve baldness and thinning problems. To learn more about hair types, read below:

Lanugo is the fine hair covering almost a foetus’s entire body until before birth. In cases of malnutrition or extreme anorexia nervosa within adults, lanugo can grow anew as the sufferer’s body attempts to insulate itself.

Vellus hair is very short, fine, scarcely visible hair covering most parts of the bodies of both sexes.

Terminal hair is fully developed, and is typically longer, coarser, thicker and darker than the vellus type.

Causes of Hair Loss?

There are various causes of hair loss which include genetics, ageing, local skin conditions, diseases that affect the body generally, and use of certain medications, eg. anti-cancer drugs, from mechanical damage to skin infections too. It is essential to consult a physician to determine the exact cause of hair loss. Our hair treatment solutions will help you get back your crowing glory. Contact us for more information and pricing. We can help understand what you are looking for and offer you natural and affordable solutions