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a client of Ailesbury Hair Clinic, showing himself of the before, directly after procedure and after eleven months from his hair transplant

Yes! A hair transplant should last the recipient’s whole life if it’s done properly.

The hair at the back of the head (the donor area) is much more resistant to the DHT that causes the Male Pattern Hair loss / Baldness.

So when hair is transplanted from the donor area, which is always the back of the head, to another area, it retains its original characteristics and can’t be affected by the DHT and is resistant to hair loss.
Before you decide to have a hair transplant procedure, you should consider three important facts.

Your donor area.

Going to an experienced clinic with good results.

The design of the transplant and the procedure.

Hair transplant donor area

the back of a shaved head which is the donor area of a hair transplant procedure

Since the hair in the donor area (hair from the back of the head) is resistant to balding, it’s crucial that only this hair is used for the transplant. If non-donor hair is used, it may eventually fall out and ruin your investment.

So yes, you can’t use chest or beard hair!  Some clinics do but we made a study on this over 17 years ago and the growth yield is so low, that the procedure is really a waste of time, energy and money for the client.

Many foreign commercial hair transplant clinics tout good results with grafts from outside the donor area, with the result that many of the transplanted hairs from the non-donor area fall out.

Go to an experienced hair transplant clinic

Before you undergo a hair transplant, a thorough initial examination is important.

An experienced hair loss expert will decide if you’re a candidate for a hair transplant by examining your donor site with a microscope, checking your health and lifestyle and determining the reason for your hair loss. Then a hair loss expert will decide if you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant.

Some clinics offer hair transplants to clients who are not good candidates and the results are very poor: they destroy the donor site and many of the newly transplanted hairs fall out.

At Ailesbury Hair Clinic, our hair loss experts will assess you and decide if you’re a good candidate for a hair transplant. But even if you’re not, don’t worry, we’ve a range of hair loss treatments that can stop your hair loss and make your hair thicker and healthier again.

The hair transplant design and procedure

The design of how your new hair will look is very important because a hair transplant is a permanent procedure, your result must look as natural as if you’d never had a hair transplant.

Also, the procedure itself must be of the highest quality, if the procedure isn’t well done, your hair transplant will have a poor result.

Are you affected by hair loss or thinning hair and considering a hair transplant?

Come and see the experts! At Ailesbury Hair Clinic, our hair loss experts will advise you and you can have your hair back in just a few months!

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