Thinning Hair - Hair Loss Clinic Dublin

Thinning Hair – Hair Loss Clinic Dublin

Shedding hair is all part of the natural cycle of hair growth and regrowth and we shed on average one hundred hairs a day mainly through washing, brushing and other day to day activities. For most people the rate of regrowth is faster than the rate of loss so the loss of a hundred or so hairs is no cause for alarm.

However, many people in Ireland do suffer from excessive hair loss which can ultimately lead to baldness. In many cases thinning hair or hair loss can be reversed or prevented but it’s important to know what the underlying reason is and for this it’s important to consult an expert.

There’s no doubt that many men will embrace the process of hair loss and go for a ‘Keith Wood’ or ‘Telly Savalas’ look but for others especially those for whom the hair loss process has started early it can cause unnecessary anxiety and stress. If there are external factors which are contributing to someone’s hair loss it is important to understand these so that appropriate action can be taken.

In simple terms thinning hair happens when more hair is shed faster than it is replaced. There are three stages in the hair cycle. The first part is the growth or anagen phases. This is when a hair is actually growing and this phase lasts for between two and three years. The next phase is the resting (catagen) phases, when the hairs are no longer growing but are still attached to the head. This lasts approximately 100 days. Finally , there is the shedding or telogen phase. At any one time 90% of the hairs on your head are in growth phases and 5-9% are in the resting phase with the remainder in the shedding phase. However, certain factors can cut short the growth phase and prematurely shift the hairs in to the shedding phase. This is known as telogen effluvium. There are various reasons why this happens but dermatologists have identified mineral deficiency, depression and thyroid problems as major contributors.

If you do start noticing heavier than usual hair loss it’s important not to panic but to seek medical advice as soon as possible. Before you undertake any radical procedures we would recommend that you talk to your GP or trichologist. It’s important that you understand why your are losing your hair and what your options are. There are various medicines and shampoos that can assist in slowing down or even reversing hair loss but you should be fully aware of the possible side effects of any medicine beforehand.

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