Dr. Patrick Treacy Wins AMEC Award

Dr. Patrick Treacy Wins AMEC Award

Ailesbury’s Dr. Patrick Treacy won this year’s AMEC Award. This is a medical award for restoring cancer patients faces with new techniques.

Dr Patrick Treacy received the AMEC 2014 Award in Paris for using a synergistic collagen technique to restore the facial ravages of cancer cachexia.

He said ‘Cancer related cachexia causes devastating wasting structural changes in a patient’s face, manifesting mostly as muscle and fat pad atrophy. Reversal of these changes to date in hospital has focused on the use of parenteral nutrition and anabolic steroids and often monitoring the loss of skeletal muscle and adipose tissue as a contributor to patient mortality. Little has been published about the restoration of facial aesthetics, particularly in patients with the condition who are recovering from cancer’.


Dr. Patrick Treacy used a multiprocedural facial rejuvenation technique that combined dermal fillers, specific growth factors, dermal needling and red light phototherapy synergistically together in an attempt to address volumisation and restore new collagen to the patents face.