AHI technique and methods

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic is the only medical group currently providing
hair restoration clients with a combination of the following in our hair
restoration procedures:

  • The hair restoration AHI FUE procedure (minimally invasive)
  • follicle multiplication in the donor site (hair follicle
    multiplication to avoid hair loss and thinning of the donor site)
  • PRP (to strengthen the transplanted grafts / hairs / follicular units)
  • Use of specialised Trichology hair products post procedure designed by
    our in-house Trichologist Pharmacist)
  • Laser light rejuvenation therapy from two months post procedure to
    strengthen follicles and encourage blood circulation

A combination of all these approaches ensures we're able to help our
clients achieve superb results and avoid baldness.

Science has delivered this field so many wonderful options in the past five
years, we felt it imperative to combine all of these valuable approaches,
in order to deliver the very best in results, service and value to our
clients. The AHI Technique is an award winning technique for this very