Celebrity Irish hair stylist undergoing a 3000 follicle AHI FUE hair restoration procedure

Celebrity Irish hair stylist undergoing a 3000 follicle AHI FUE hair restoration procedure […]

Ailesbury Hair Implants has designed a new surgical tool

Ailesbury Hair Implants has designed a new surgical tool, which will significantly help medical staff […]

Ailesbury Only Clinic Asked by UK Government

Ailesbury Hair Clinic is the only clinic to have been asked to participate in the Parliamentary Review for the UK Government review on private medicine. Ailesbury is seen as a leader within its field and has put together a report about the hair restoration industry, techniques and regulations we feel should be implemented. […]

Alopecia Thrapeutics Market Analysis and Segment Forecast to 2024

Here is the latest Market Analysis and Segment Forecast for Alopecia Thrapeutics up to 2024 […]

Ailesbury Stem Cell Therapy PRP Treatment success stories

Stem Cell Therapy PRP treatment is excellent for strengthening existing weak follicles, as well as helping to encourage the maximum growth yield during hair transplantation procedures. […]

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic is a second time Winner at the Irish Beauty Awards

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic is a second time Winner at the Irish Beauty Awards […]



Hear what Dr Dilan Fernando had to say about our training course

The AHI training course for hair restoration surgery is an excellent start to a career in Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). One-to-one training with their team accommodates for individual learning needs and maximises the opportunity for hands on training […]

Ailesbury opens a new franchise clinic in Belgrade.

Ailesbury opens a new franchise clinic in Belgrade. […]

Log on to our Testimonials page

Log on to our Testimonials page to read the endless client comments […]

AHI technique and methods

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic is the only medical group currently providing hair restoration clients with a combination of the following in our hair restoration procedures […]

We have moved next to National Gallery

Ailesbury Hair Clinic recently moved its headquarters from The Ailesbury Clinic to custom built premises on Clare Street right next to The National Gallery. […]

PRP Stem Cell Therapy

We are pleased to announce that we can offer clients PRP Stem Cell Therapy. This is a revolutionary technique that was pioneered in America. The results have been very good although , as with all hair loss procedures, it may not be suitable for all. […]

Overseas Travel for Hair Treatment?

There is always a cheaper way of doing something and it is no different with hair loss treatments! There are many companies out there offering cheap hair transplants in Eastern Europe and it's often tempting to consider these. No doubt some of these companies will do a good job but there are other things to consider too. Travelling abroad for treatment is not without its risk. Can you be sure that the same standards that we have in Ireland apply there? […]

A Word from Lorraine Lambert, CEO of Ailesbury

These are exciting times for the team at Ailesbury Hair Clinic. Moving to our own custom built premises was a positive move for us and we're delighted with the way it has worked out. We have been receiving fantastic feedback from our clients many of whom return for follow up procedures and remain loyal to us. In this business it is of paramount importance that our after care treatment is excellent as we fully appreciate the concerns that our clients have. […]

Thinning Hair

Thinning hair can be a natural part of the ageing process- after all you don’t see many 70 year olds with a full head of hair (Donald Trump excepted!). However, when you start to notice extra hairs on a comb or brush or in the shower plug it may be time to consider more […]

Thinning Hair - Hair Loss Clinic Dublin

Shedding hair is all part of the natural cycle of hair growth and regrowth and we shed on average one hundred hairs a day mainly through washing, brushing and other day to day activities. For most people the rate of regrowth is faster than the rate of loss so the loss of a hundred or […]

Male Androgenic Alopecia

There are many different terms used to describe male hair loss from the very simple ‘ baldness’ to the more complicated such as ‘male androgenic alopecia’ and the reasons and causes of male hair loss are varied. Very few men in their 70s and 80s will have a full head of hair but for many […]

Dr. Patrick Treacy Wins AMEC Award

Ailesbury’s Dr. Patrick Treacy won this year’s AMEC Award. This is a medical award for restoring cancer patients faces with new techniques. Dr Patrick Treacy received the AMEC 2014 Award in Paris for using a synergistic collagen technique to restore the facial ravages of cancer cachexia. He said ‘Cancer related cachexia causes devastating wasting structural […]


Ailesbury has been awarded The Most Innovative Medical Procedure in The UK at the London MyFaceMyBody Awards. This fantastic award was accept by Dr. Patrick Treacy and Lorraine Lambert of Ailesbury Hair Clinic. Our Hair Implant Technique wins a fantastic award as the UK’s Most Innovative Medical Procedure. Most Innovative Treatment or Service Ailesbury SMART® […]

Ailesbury Hair Clinic Saudi Arabian 2016 Partnership

Ailesbury Hair Clinics International are now in partnership with one of Saudia Arabia's most highly respected group of Private Hospitals […]

Ailesbury Hair Clinic Serbia Hair Loss Medi-Spa

We will be opening and running the new Serbian based Ailesbury Hair Loss Medi-Spa in December 2016 […]