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AHI Technique

The AHI Technique – Our 100% Guaranteed Hair Restoration Process

Ailesbury Hair Loss Clinic is the only medical group currently providing
hair restoration clients with a combination of the following in our hair
restoration procedures:

  • The hair restoration AHI FUE procedure (minimally invasive)
  • follicle multiplication in the donor site (hair follicle
    multiplication to avoid hair loss and thinning of the donor site)
  • PRP (to strengthen the transplanted grafts / hairs / follicular units)
  • Use of specialised Trichology hair products post procedure designed by
    our in-house Trichologist Pharmacist)
  • Laser light rejuvenation therapy from two months post procedure to
    strengthen follicles and encourage blood circulation

A combination of all these approaches ensures we’re able to help our
clients achieve superb results and avoid baldness.

Science has delivered this field so many wonderful options in the past five
years, we felt it imperative to combine all of these valuable approaches,
in order to deliver the very best in results, service and value to our
clients. The AHI Technique is an award winning technique for this very

At Ailesbury Hair Clinic, we offer both Men and Women a solution to hair loss. Our highly specialised staff are trained to discuss your needs in clear, simple terms. Our experts use a special technique called the ‘AHI Technique’ to give all of our clients no linear scarring hair restoration.

What is AHI?

AHI stands for Aesthetic Hair Integration. This is a non surgical hair restoration procedure which is extremely successful. We offer expert consultations, excellent treatment deals and friendly and helpful attention throughout your treatment.

What is the AHI Method?

The AHI method is based on the use of FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair restoration, a method which has been used now for over twenty years internationally.

The AHI variation of this method is that we use a specially designed implantation pen to place hair follicles at exactly the correct angle and direction, in order to create extremely natural results. There is no need to use scalpels, sutures or surgical strip extraction during the procedure as the whole approach is minimally invasive. The hair transplant procedure is fully guaranteed. Also, unlike most other methods of hair restoration blades are not used at any point in the procedure which is infinitely important in not creating scars.

100% Guaranteed Results – Start Today!

Ailesbury Hair Clinic have treated thousands of people with hair loss problems. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with natural results and excellent hair line coverage for affordable costs.

Procedure Costs & Fees


Procedure fees will depend on the number of hair follicles you require.

Talk to us today so that we can provide you with a estimate.

Arrange a Consultation:

We will be able to establish the cost of your treatment once you meet with us.

We offer hair loss treatments for:

  • Baldness
  • Hair Thinning
  • Crown Coverage
  • Lower Hairline
  • Mid-Scalp Coverage
  • Restore Hairline

AHI Technique

AHI Testing and Stem Cell Therapy (PRP)

Hair growth is triggered when a naturally occurring hormone, testosterone, enters in a suitable receptor within the body. However, variations in the gene that program the receptor can cause it to function differently, inhibiting hair growth in particular body places such sites such as the scalp. We provide an in depth hair-restoration information that help you choose the suitable treatment for your hair loss problem.

Stem Cell Therapy (PRP) is the extraction of a blood sample which is then processed in a Centrifuge which extracts stem cells. Stem cells are then injected into the thinning or transplanted areas to strengthen follicles and encourage the highest possible growth percentage of hairs during a procedure. This is an ideal process to follow for both male and female pattern hair loss or temporary thinning hair.

AHI Genetic Testing

This can detect such gene variations and diagnose the risk of hair loss much before any loss is visible. It enables you to start a restoration program at the earliest opportunity, given that you can lose almost 50% of your hair before it’s noticeable. Hair loss treatments for men are very effective.

AHI Genetic Testing is conducted by leading specialists in the field. You can request a report concerned only with your tendency towards hair loss. Or you may prefer a more comprehensive health report, identifying a wider range of conditions you may be genetically predisposed to.

“Hair Replacement AHI will put an end to hair loss problems for men!”